Channelopathy 2020
Québec City, 25-27 June, 2020
Welcome to Channelopathy 2018!

On behalf of the Steering Committee, we thank you for attending the conference, and welcome you to Chicago. Channelopathy 2018 continues a tradition of international scientific meetings dedicated to the topic of channelopathy that began 20 years ago with the SkyTop conference when there were only a few recognized ion channel diseases. Today, as we approach the 30th anniversary of the first channelopathy discovery – the identification of CFTR mutations as the cause of cystic fibrosis – it is valuable to reflect on the extraordinary sequence of discoveries relevant to the structure, function, and molecular genetics for dozens of important ion channel molecules and their regulatory proteins. During these past 3 decades, the term ‘channelopathy’ has become woven into the lexicon of biomedical research and clinical medicine.
The organization of Channelopathy 2018 places emphasis on broad scientific themes shared across channel types and diseases. We hope this design inspires new ideas and cross-discipline collaboration. The main sessions include talks by a core of invited speakers, with some sessions also featuring 2-3 short talks selected from submitted abstracts, which in many cases will be given by trainees or young investigators. This offers a platform to new members of the channelopathy community that we hope will inject new faces and new ideas into the field.
Channelopathy 2018 was a team effort! We wish to thank the Steering Committee members for their thoughtful input into the design of the conference, for their participation in selecting speakers, and for reviewing abstracts. We also give hearty thanks to the Conference Organizers – Liz Murphy and Lexi Nash – without whom we could not have planned and executed the meeting. We also thank Norbert Weiss for designing the conference logo and artwork, and Michelle Mohney for help assembling the program book. Last, but certainly not least, we thank the generosity of our conference sponsors.
Please enjoy the conference, and we look forward to seeing you again hopefully in 2 years at Channelopathy 2020!

Al George and Hugues Abriel
Conference Co-chairs